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Deliberate metaphor and text types in college lectures

Project statussubmitted
Funding agency
Duration of projectSept.2012-Mar.2013
PhD ResearcherAnke Beger (Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik at Flensburg Universität, Germany); supervisor: Olaf Jäkel
SupervisorOlaf Jäkel; Gerard Steen
Project desciptionThis research project will investigate the use and function of deliberate metaphors in relation to the different text types of US-American college lectures. It will first identify the different text types and establish the structure of each lecture.

Subsequently, it will identify occurrences of deliberate metaphors in collaboration with Gudrun Reijnierse, who will provide the theoretical framework as well as the identification procedure. In order to examine the role of deliberate metaphors in knowledge mediation, their functions will be analyzed in respect of the nature and goals of the text types they occur in.
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